Designer, lecturer, founder of the Worldwide Graphic Designers (WGD)

Since 1993 working as a graphic designer. His work is mainly related to branding, visual identification and advertising. He has been working as an academic teacher since 1997. Currently, he works, among others,  with Binus University in Jakarta, Tarumanegara University, Pelita Harapan and the Pradita Institute.

In July 2016, together with Lilia Skanavi, he founded Worldwide Graphic Designers: a group created to integrate designers from around the world in sharing passion for graphic design and poster art. Irwan Harnoko is also the founder of Type Unite – an international educational community related to typography, among which there are lecturers  from Poland, Turkey, South Korea, Ecuador, China, USA and Indonesia.

He participated in many international exhibitions, including The Whole World as on Community – international poster exhibition in China (2016), Fairplay International Exhibition of Posters in Mandegar Gallery, Arak (Iran, 2016), virtual poster exhibition (Mexico 2016) and Design exhibition Xiamen (2016).