Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
of the Republic of Poland to the Republic of Indonesia

In 2020, Poland and Indonesia are celebrating the 65th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations.
Both countries are precious partners for each other. The value of our relationship lies in the wealth of mutual offers and the diversity of our cultures. This explains the enthusiastic reception of Polish political, artistic, business, educational, tourist, culinary and other projects in Indonesia as well as the interest in Indonesia in Poland.

There are many elements that connect both countries have in common. These include the rush to learn, a high level of aspirations related to living conditions, curiosity about the world, concern for the state, the traditional family and the willingness to participate in solving global problems. A symbolic, but a paradoxical sign of our relations are our national flags. White-red and red-white, are fundamentally different, but still so close.

I wish the contestants success in finding an artistic form illustrating the anniversary of diplomatic relations between Poland and Indonesia.